welcome to my little place :]

this is a site i coded with my own two pawz, and its mostly for my own self expression and to share my creative projects :33 it's also a space away from the rest of the internet, where corporationz have sunk their claws into everything they can. so rest easy and enjoy ur stay

the site is very under construction at the moment!


october 28th 2023- blog update, about page update

august 30th 2023-- added a blog (wip)

july 17th 2023- updated my kin list, fixed some code gore, and added a to-do list, and buttons

march 28th 2023- added an update box! also added icons for the 3 other (still nonfunctional) nav buttons as well as a little bio.

to-do list

  • make pages for sidebar
  • make a site icon!
  • figure collection section
  • neocities neighbor buttons
  • photography section!
  • guestbook
  • music section
  • gif collection
  • personality quiz results
  • ...and more!