feelin good 8)

october 28th, 2023

I've been doing really good lately!! College has been going well, I'm still a little tired but it's nothing I can't handle. Halloween's coming up, I'm excited! I'm going as Fionna Campbell :3 The stuff with my English class last update worked out just fine btw. I got a new computer chair to replace a lame wooden one that hurt to sit on for too long, so yay. A turtle wandered into our yard and we think it was someones pet and we sent out missing posters but nobody called, so we're keeping him. His name is JoJo Green Bean :D

my first entry !!

august 30th, 2023

I started college this month! Its been exciting and scary. On one hand it's really, really, really great to be able to go outside and do something everyday because I really need that kind of structure in my life or else I girlrot in my room, but the sudden change is also making me pretty tired. I'll be able to handle it, I'm really passionate about most of my classes. I'm taking premodern Asian History, Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, and English. I'm really hoping to switch my English class tomorrow (day before the deadline) because my current teacher sucks and the coursework is awful. Theres no creative writing at all D: Other than that its been surprisingly nice. I have a lot of time in between classes though and I need to figure out how to fill that time with something more productive and enjoyable than staring out into space and watching people walk by for 2 hours. On another note, I'm hoping I can update this site more. I have lots of ideas !!