A sticker of the '90s or 2000s design for Rainbow Dash.
A colored digital drawing of the webmaster's fursona. She is a white samoyed with long green hair and circle glasses. She's wearing a pink dog collar, a black cutoff tshirt with a pink paw on it, and a pair of green cargo pants with various patches on them. The patches are: the Hunter x Hunter logo, the My Chemical Romance Logo, the antifa symbol, and a symbol worn by Jade Harley. She is also holding a bottle of ramune, and is looking blankly at the camera with her tongue out.
A blinkie reading doggirl rights A blinkie reading Autism! with a small tbh creature A blinkie that reads Evil ADHD A blinkie that reads hehe just kitten :3c A blinkie that reads cock. It has a Christian cross next to it. A blinkie that reads be nice to your computer. A blinkie that reads category 5 woman moment. It has a picture of fluttershy on it. A blinkie that reads YAOI ZONE with roses on it.
A button reading 'maintained by a tranny' A button reading always wear your programming socks A button reading 'made with my own two paws' A button reading download SBURB A button reading ACAB A button reading piracy now A button reading I miss XP A button reading Google Chrome is Evil A button reading ditch social media. It cycles between the Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram logos. A button reading this site is miku approved. A button reading third impact now A button with Madotsuki on it with blinking eyes on either side of her. A button reading Yume Nikki in hiragana. Madotsuki sits in a field of white lillies. A button reading anime tummy supporter A button reading pothead A button reading Y2K in neon colors A button reading internet archive. A button reading IrfanView A button reading Neocities.org the web is yours. A button reading ACAB with a bedazzled upside down American flag in the background.